Macao Geography

On the western bank of the Pearl River Delta lies Macao, which is also adjacent to the southern province of Guangdong, China. The Macao Special Administrative Region, or SAR, is about 32.9 square kilometres in size. This includes the Macao Peninsula and the island of Cotai/Taipa/Coloane. There are bridges between these islands up to 1.2 kilometres long, and there are two mainland entry points into China. In comparison, Paris is about three times as large and New York City twice the size.

Arriving in Macao By Air

Macau International Airport (MFM)

Visitors can use the Macau International Airport for travelling to several destinations in the region on direct flights or catch connecting flights to different ports on all 5 continents. The airport is located on Taipa Island and is 5 minutes away from Sands Resorts. For detailed information on flight schedules, please visit:

Flights from 55 destinations to Macau International Airport.

Transport from Macau International Airport

Sands Resorts provides transfer services which can be booked in advance or arranged upon arrival. A taxi ride from the airport to Sands Resorts cost approximately USD4.

Sky Shuttle Helicopter Service

When you are coming to Macao from Hong Kong, a helicopter can provide a speedy option of only a 15-minute flight. For flight details, please visit:

Arriving in Macao by Ferry

Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) For delegates arriving via Hong Kong International Airport, there is an airport ferry service available. Passengers can transit into or out of Macao via Hong Kong International Airport without needing to go through Hong Kong Customs and Immigration formalities or pick up their baggage. All bags will be transferred from their international flight directly onto the ferry for collection in Macao. The trip to Macao is only 70 minutes. For detailed information on flight schedules, please visit:

  • Sands Resorts owns one of the ferry companies offering this service - Cotai Water Jet:
  • Ferries have a capacity of 400 persons and can be chartered for your event. Hong Kong-owned TurboJET: also provides a regular ferry service to Macao.

More than 120 airlines reaching over 220 destinations connect into Hong Kong International Airport.

Arriving in Macao By Land

High Speed Train

There are several high speed trains that connect Macao to most cities in mainland China. Visitors can now connect from cities such as Beijing and Guangzhou, a trip of only 8 hours with the new high speed trains compared to 20 hours previously. From Guangzhou, visitors have the choice of a 46-minute non-stop train to Zhuhai, the Macao-mainland China border, or 3 hours by coach.

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) is already opened. This means you can now get here by coach or car from Hong Kong in addition to arriving in Macao by ferry or plane.